Contract Types



1.                      By the Hour

This is based on a time and materials and is hard to determine a total. 

2.                      By the Push

Per Push- Pricing takes time and expert figuring. The provider has to know what their equipment capabilities and production are in order to best price the job. It must also be noted that a responsible contractor will include a clause in this type of contract. That if there are any acts of god while doing the job, that there will be a charge or charges to offset the original contract.

3.                      By the Season

This pricing is usually a combination of all the services, such as plowing, shoveling, chemical applications, and this type of contract is usually based on an average number of services in a give season. This type of contract is also based on a three-year term to keep your costs low and to avoid increases through the seasons.

4.                      By the Storm / Event

Per storm contract is based on total amount of inches falling in a 24 hour period. Plowing will commence upon 2” or more during the storm / event.