A Guide to Finding the Right Service Provider

Your service provider should be able to answer “YES” to all of the following: 

ü   Do they have adequate insurance?

ü   Do they have the financial stability to maintain and grow their business?

ü   Are they totally dedicated to quality service?

ü   Do they keep their equipment up to date and serviced properly so they can operate at peak efficiency throughout the seasons?

ü   Are they associated with a trade organization that helps them stay in tune with their industry?

ü   Will they work with you to keep your job site safe, while staying in your budget?


Snow Response Team can proudly answer “YES” to all the above.


Here are some important items to consider: 

1.      What do I need my service provider to do?

2.      Is my current level of service sufficient?   

___ Yes    ___ No

3.      How many years’ experience does the service provider have?

___1yr     ___ 5yrs      __15yrs        __ 25or more years

4.      Are quoted prices clear and concise?

___ Yes    ___No

5.      Does the service provider offer different pricing options to suit the needs of my business?

___Yes     ___No


Why to choose Snow Response Team?

When choosing Snow Response Team you will benefit from getting a dedicated winter services provider with our personnel having over 35 years of experience to answer all your Snow and Ice Management needs.  We use “Weather Works” meteorologists for up to the minute weather reports.  Snow Response Team is a proud member of the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), that provides us with valuable education and updates in the Snow & Ice industry. You may visit www.SIMA.org for any useful information you may need.

Snow Response Team is a Fully Insured company with Worker’s compensation, General Liability and Auto coverage. 

We will customize a winter service contract for any of your site needs. Our team of experienced personnel gives us the opportunity to bring you the best winter service in the industry.